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Dual Language


All Saints Catholic School provides a dual language program for grades PK3-3rd Grade.  The program will continue to grow until it reaches 5th grade.  Our program is part of the the Boston College Two Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS). To read more about our program, click on the sections below. 


What is Two Way Immersion (TWI)?

Two-Way Immersion (TWI), recognized nationally as the most effective approach to bilingual eduction, blends native English speaking students with peers who are native in another language. With 20% of the U.S. population speaking a language other than English at home, multiples approaches to educating students with limited English profriency exist. Typically, these students are provided supplemental assistance focused on English language development. TWI differens from such apporaches in two key ways.  First, it supports bilingualism and biliteracy.  English learners become fluent in both English and their native language, typically Spanish.  Second, it supports bilingualism and biliteracy for native English speakers, as well.  Specifically English language learners are not separated from their native English classmates, but instead, all students serve as language models for one another, and this become bilingual together. As such, TWI not only prepares all student participants to be bilingual and biliterate citizens in an increasingly diverse world, it deeply respects the minitority language students' identity and family culture.  The Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS) will provide an opportunity for selected Catholic schools to adoprt a TWI approach to bilingual service delivery.

Goals of Two-Way Immersion Schools

Nationally, schools providing Two-Way Immersion programs have three essential, interrelated goals for students:

1. Academic Excellence
2. Bilingualism and Biliteracy
3. Cultural Competence

Information pulled from Boston College TWIN-CS website


Two Way Model

  • Native English and Native Spanish students in the same classroom achieving academic excellence and bilingual proficiency.
  • Content based language acquisition
  • Environment that promotes linguistic and ethnic equality for positive cross-cultural attitudes 
  • High-level academic skills
  • Improve students' career options with bi-literate and bilingual skills
  • Build family-school partnership to ensure student success
  • Develop strong thinking and reasoning skills in math and reading

Gomez & Gomez Model

All Saints Catholic School follows a modification of the Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model for our curriculum breakdown.  Our model is below:

Curriculum Breakdown

  • Language Arts in Native Language PK 100%
  • English Language Arts K-5th grade 50%
  • Spanish Language Arts K-5th grade 50%
  • Math-English 100%
  • Religion-English 50%, Spanish 50%
  • History, Science-Spanish 100%, with English Reinforcement

Program Goals

  • Bilingualism: Development of high levels of oral proficiency in the student's first and second language
  • Bi-literacy: Perform at or above grade level in academic areas in both languages
  • Multiculturalism: Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes, behaviors, and high levels of self-esteem

Family Engagement

Family involvement is an important and essential component to the program and its success.  Families become active in their child's education through at home assignments, school programs, and online videos.