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Summer Reading & Supplemental Work

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Success in a cumulative subject, like Latin, requires constant review. Most students forget quite a bit over the summer, so it is important to review with your Latin flashcards this summer. We have included a suggested schedule for flashcard review and also tips on how to review.
*All 2023-2024 Summer Required Reading books will be furnished by the school*
Here are Summer Math Speed Drills.
Spread these drills out over the summer to stay fresh on math facts. Record your times and scores on the top sheet provided to monitor your progress. 
1st Grade  l  (KEY)
3rd Grade  l  (KEY)
4th Grade
  • addition, subtraction, & multiplication - 2 1/2 minutes
  • division - 5 minutes
5th Grade
  • addition, subtraction, & multiplication - 3 1/2 minutes
  • division - 4 minutes
6th Grade
  • addition, subtraction, & multiplication - 2 1/2 minutes
  • division - 3 minutes
7th Grade
  • addition, subtraction, & multiplication - 2 minutes
  • division - 2 1/2 minutes

Summer and Enrichment Reading

In the Memoria Press/ASCS literature curriculum, students read three or four good books in depth with study guides every year. Students should also be reading additional books during the school year and especially during leisure time in the summers. The books we recommend for grades 3-up are in three categories: (1) classics (2) light reading (3) informational reading. Category 3 is coordinated with the curriculum when possible.

For each book in grades 1-up most entries include the author, number of pages, and lexile level. The lexile reading level is an imperfect but useful guide to a book’s reading level or difficulty. The lexile reading level is based on word repetition and sentence length and is explained here.

Factors that are not included in the lexile level are vocabulary and content. The lexile level for each grade is taken from the lexile site here.

How to Use the Reading List

For each grade, books suggested are suitable for the summer before that grade, during the school year, and the summer after that grade.  Books from higher or lower grades may also be good choices for your student, depending on his or her reading level and interest. These lists will be most useful for those who know the reading level and interests of their students.

One caveat. Students can become lazy and resist reading books above their comfort level. It is important to include books in their pleasure reading that are somewhat challenging, books that you may occasionally have to help them push through. The goal is to continuously raise the reading level of your students.

Grade (click to view) Lexile Level
K-1 Up to 530L
Grade 2 420 – 650 L
Grade 3 520 – 820 L
Grade 4 640 – 940 L
Grade 5 730 – 1010 L
Grade 6 860 – 1070L
Grade 7-8 880 – 1185 L


Summer Reading Challenge

All Saints challenges all entering K-3 students to read 100 books before Meet the Teacher day.

This challenge emphasizes reading throughout the summer with awards, recognition, and guidelines for continued motivation.

Reading Challenge Guidelines, Awards and Recognition

  • Read 100 books during the summer, ideally one to two per day. See our school website for enrichment book ideas.
  • Record your reading in a composition notebook, or spiral, using 1 page per book.
  • Write the title of the completed book at the top of the page. Then write the author’s name and a short comment or description about what was read.
  • Students are encouraged to then draw a picture on each page that shows their favorite part of the book.
  • Students who complete 100% of their journal will be honored at the beginning of the school year with a special certificate, award book and their name included on a celebratory banner.
  • Students who partially complete their journal will be recognized as well.
  • Journals are due to teachers on Meet the Teacher day.