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Financial Aid

All Saints Catholic School recognizes the financial commitment made by families so that their children can receive a Catholic education. The purpose of our financial aid program is partner with families who show a financial need to make this commitment affordable.  To this end, our financial aid decision is independent of our admission decision.  We want a diverse student body that understands and appreciates a classical dual language Catholic environment.   We have different funding sources both at the diocesan and local school level to be able to offer families financial aid.

Application Process

To apply for financial aid, the first step is to apply for admissions to All Saints. 

Once accepted, a student can then apply for financial aid through FACTS in their Family Portal account and there is a $40 required fee to apply for financial aid.
Priority deadline for submitting financial aid for the upcoming school year is April 1st each school year.  However, awards are reviewed year around. 
Limited funds may prevent the school from extending assistance to all qualified deserving applicants. 

Families may appeal a financial aid decision, or an award amount, if they can provide supplemental information which would be pertinent to the computation of the award. Financial aid awards are credited to the student account once they are accepted. 

Tuition Financing

All Saints Catholic School utilizes a third party tuition collection service called FACTS.  Families who choose not to pay in full must enroll and select a payment plan to pay tuition through FACTS. 

Public School Transfer Grant

All Saints Catholic School automatically awards, regardless of financial aid need, $1500 in automatic assistance for all students transferring from a public school.  $1000 is awarded in year 1 and $500 in year 2.