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Clubs & Enrichment Programs

Thank you for your interest in participating in clubs & enrichment programs this school year.  Please click on the arrows below for each club to get more information for that club, or enrichment program.
*Activities are added or subtracted depending on the interest of our school families.
Through our Running Club students and families will experience enjoyment in physical activity, team unity, and goal completion. As a club we will strive to represent our school and serve in the community.

Running Club Documents

  • Altar Servers (5th-8th Grade)

  • Choir (1st-8th Grade)

  • Matachines (PK-8th Grade)

  • Soccer Shots (PK-3rd Grade)

  • S.C.R.I.P.P.S. Spelling Club (1st-8th Grade)

  • Little Medical School (1st-5th Grade)

  • Sports (5th-8th grades)