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Student Success Program

All Saints considers any student exhibiting academic (i.e. English language learners, below grade level readers, students with failing grades, standardized test scores in reading or math, etc.), social, emotional, physical, or behavioral traits, which impact the student’s overall performance as potentially being at-risk. These traits may be a result of a child’s environment, home life, learning difference, trauma or crisis. The ability of students with learning differences to be academically or behaviorally successful depends on factors such as the degree of the student's need, remediation efforts by the family, and cooperation between parents and the school. Our goal is early intervention followed by needed tutoring, therapy, and/or support.
All Saints recognizes that school success can only be attained through cooperation between parents and educators.
The Student Success Program assists teachers in implementing student accommodations in the regular classroom.


Services Include:

  • Best Practices
  • Small group reading and math intervention
  • Dyslexia intervention
  • Speech therapy
  • Small group testing
  • Additional advising
  • Extended time
  • Student support


Meet Mrs. OexmannStudent Success Program

  • All Saints Learning Support Coordinator
  • M. Ed. in Reading Instruction and Curriculum
  • 35 years in the education field
  • 26 years working directly with student intervention and academic coaching
  • Dyslexia Intervention Certification in progress
  • 4th year at All Saints